Yoga for Beginners

August 10, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Yoga

If you’re new to yoga and wondering what you’ll need, you’ll find some useful suggestions below. Although there is a great deal of advice about what mat you’ll need, equipment you should have, what clothing to wear and so on, the reality is that all you need to start you on your personal Yoga journey is a good teacher!.
However, to encourage your personal practice you will soon require some basic items: Firstly, it is advisable to have your own Yoga mat so that you can develop your practice at home.  You’ll also need some suitable clothing.

What Yoga Mat do I need?
Often, this will depend on what style of Yoga you have chosen to practice. Many people are not sure what style of Yoga they are about to embark upon so initially it’s a good idea to purchase a good, all round mat that will be suitable for most types of Yoga. A good choice of yoga mat  would be  the Yoga Pilates Mat from Sun Salutation. This yoga mat is durable, has great grip, offers good cushioning and is machine washable. As the name suggests, this yoga mat would also be suitable for pilates.  There are many other yoga mats available that you may prefer as your mat is a very personal choice..

Do I need a Yoga Mat Bag and if so, which one?
You will find having a yoga mat bag extremely useful. Not only does it protect your mat and make it easier to carry, it is also useful for storing your valuables or a change of clothing during your yoga class. Some  yoga mat bags are suitable for carrying just your yoga mat and your valuables but others are larger and will carry two mats,  a change of clothing, perhaps some blocks or bricks (yoga props) or a blanket, it just depends on your personal taste and practice. Make sure you look at the  dimensions of the bag to give you an idea or the bag’s capacity. Most bags will carry a standard yoga mat, others may take more..  The Street Yoga Mat Bag is a great choice if you  walk or cycle to your class as it is compact, weather-proof and stylish.

What Yoga Clothing do I need?
Like most forms of exercise, you need clothing that will allow you to move and stretch easily without ‘riding up’ to reveal your tummy or other bits of you that  you’d rather keep fully clothed! Some styles of yoga make you sweat more than others which is why people tend to wear a vest or camisole style top.  Generally, people prefer to be able to move their arms and legs freely without excess fabric getting in the way. Natural fabrics or clothing made up of mainly natural  fabrics with just a little bit of elasticity seems to work the best as they allow your body to breathe. Man made fibres tend to be ‘slippery’ and are not always ideal,  particularly if your teacher is trying to adjust you in a pose. Yoga Bliss yoga clothing is available for yoga men and yoga women.

Do I need anything else?
Initially, probably not but there are many other pieces of equipment available that may be useful and may support you on your yoga journey. For example, some teachers may advise the use of props, blocks or bricks to help you to achieve a pose or straps to help you ‘bind’ in a pose.  There are blankets which are useful for relaxation after your yoga practice, for mediation or for rollling or folding to use as a soft ‘bolster’.  As your yoga progresses, you may well find out for yourself what type of equipment and clothing  you prefer, so over the years your choices will change..