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Yoga brunch with KatieCrosseYoga 8th March Winchester 9.45a.m

16 Church Lane, Romsey

distance: 3,524 Miles

Come to a rejuvenating morning of yoga and great food – yoga brunch in Awbridge, Romsey, Sunday 8th March at 9.45am.  Stretch out, breathe and soothe your mind with vinyasa

Vinyasa flow group yoga class Romsey 6pm Thursdays

Each week we will start with a flowing vinyasa sequence to raise energy levels, opening your body and bringing your attention in tune with your movement, breath and awareness. The

Yoga & Wellbeing in the Woods Retreat


Join us in the Surrey woodland for a weekend of back-to-basics nature, yoga and meditation classes, massage, raw food and other healthy vegetarian fare, camp-fires, sleeping in she