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How did I end up teaching ANUSARA YOGA?1.The uplifting Tantra philosophy gave me some essential answers to all the biggest questions I have had throughout my life. Digging into yoga philosophy over the past few years has exposed me to very different way of seeing the world around me.2. The 5 principles of Alignment really work!
This is a highly therapeutic and deeply healing way of aligning your body you can practice everywhere- on the tube, driving your Vespa, sitting at work or swimming.

3. I have met some really cool people who share the same interests and are dedicated to seeing world as a happy place.

 I remember how I felt  after the first YOGA class…. I felt this overwhelimg feeling of ecstasy similiar to the one you might have after taking recreational drugs or alcohol. My vision was sharp; my body felt sooo light , my thoughts were crystal clear and at the same time I felt calm and grounded ….this massive joy bubbling up and taking over me…As I walked home through the streets of London everything around me seemed to be so beautiful and I felt infinite compassion towards each person passing me – of course I more. With time my yoga practice become like a addiction. However the source  was not something external – a drug, alcohol or partying – it was something inside of me. YOGA offers a lot of promise – it enables you to connect with the very essence of your being- its like the biggest promise you can have…..it opens your heart…


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