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Being Moved ~

 Exploring the Spirit of your Practice

Yoga is an amazing and deeply nourishing approach to holistic health and wellbeing.   It creates the space, feeling and energy within us to be present and peaceful with whom we are and bring us back to our natural & authentic nature, giving rise to our highest potential and enhancing our relationship with the world.  It simply relaxes us into the energy and flow of life.
Through an inspiring series of flowing yoga movements, breath rhythms, chants of intention, guided meditations and a deeply relaxing Gong bath, ‘Being Moved’ takes us on a journey of exploration into the movement and stillness of our being.
The benefit is simple, when energy is stuck in our bodies and not easily flowing through us it can often be felt as tension both physically and mentally, and potentially leads to sickness, poor health and a feeling of unhappiness.  Through Yoga we release the tension or resistance in the body mind and enhance the natural flow of energy.

This has an effect of calming the mind, expanding our awareness and deepening our connection to the authentic, peaceful and loving nature within us. As a result we experience an amazing sense of natural

Wellbeing, our body mind is free to express itself and we relax into life with great ease.


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