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I am a qualified Yoga teacher and Yoga Sports Coach and incorporate my knowledge from both qualifications into my classes.

The Yoga classes aim to improve and create a balance between strength and flexibility, improve core strength and help refresh the whole body and mind providing a sense of positivity and well-being. Classes are mixed ability and beginners are welcome. Postures are taught in a step-wise manner enabling participants to both achieve and progress.

A typical class includes a warm-up, body preparatory stretches, strengthening exercises, yoga postures and/ or sequences, calming breathing techniques and always ends with relaxation.

In addition to the classes, I am also a Yoga Sports Coach and work with athletes wishing to use yoga to improve their performance, reduce injury risk or recover from injury or who wish to address other sport-related issues, such as performance nerves.

Originally a gymnast, I have enjoyed and participated in various sports and fitness classes. My first introduction to yoga was during my previous career as a specialist hospital pharmacist working with people suffering from bone/ joint injuries or diseases. My own yoga practice has helped me strengthen joints and soft tissues damaged by the gymnastics training in my youth, keeps me supple and mobile and also has helped me cope with difficult life experiences.


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