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Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

The Vinyasa
Yogashala is one of the most renowned and established Yoga schools in India. It
conducts several 100 and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs across the
year. Though located in Rishikesh, the training programs are also conducted in
Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country which offers amazing sightseeing places.
The surroundings of Nepal are peaceful which makes it one of the ideal places
for taking your yoga Teacher Training course.

Apart from
splendid locations, Vinyasa Yogashala is also known for its accommodation and
amenities. During the course of your training, the place where you stay also
plays a major role as it must be comfortable enough for you to stay. Vinyasa
offers impressive accommodation facilities along with 24*7 water and
electricity. You can also use free Wi-Fi for surfing net. The rooms are
furnished and packed with every essential amenity to make your stay

For the
success of any Yoga school, the tutors play a pivotal role. At Vinyasa, the
tutors are experienced in various styles of yoga and offer constant support to
their students. They help the students in achieving their goals by offering
quality information and training. The tutors never judge any student on the
basis of their prior knowledge and each student is given equal treatment. What
else, the students get USA Yoga Alliance Certificate, which
opens newer path for making career as a tutor in any part of the world.