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Yoga Teacher Training - Dynamic Mindfulness

We describe the Dynamic Mindfulness style of yoga as a contemporary fusion of holistic asana flow, mindfulness meditation and applied anatomy and physiology of postures, movement and breathing for the modern body. The approach to sequencing is a carefully crafted blend that incorporates:

 The vigor of sequenced asana flow, or vinyasa yoga
 Dynamic repetition, or ‘pulsations’ in an individual asana – balancing effort and ease
 Holistic movement from the inner core body, also called ‘hara’ in Japanese – moving in waves rather than linearly
 The idea that the practice should be individualized through variations and modifications of poses
 Surya Namaskar and its variations are a main sequencing frame, alongside sequences such as Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation), Virya Namaskar (Hero Salutation) and the 8 Movements of Chan.
 Sufficient time to fully relax and/or sit in meditation at the end of the class

The course will guide students to step out of logical, compartmentalized thinking and into an experiential journey. The Dynamic Mindfulness perspective is centered in Buddhist philosophy, ethics and methodology. From there, it offers comparative perspectives on Yoga. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to practice or teach the Dynamic Mindfulness style of Yoga or to benefit from the effects of this practice.

This school of yoga is founded on the principles of non judging – the way things are is the way they should be at this particular moment – everything happens due to certain causes and conditions. There is no right or wrong way to be! However, by relying on one’s own strengths and trusting our inherent human potential for awakening, we can take our lives into our own hands. We become the creators of our lives, instead of being victims of circumstances.


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