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Yoga for Runners, Athletes and Sport Enthusiasts

You will learn how to safely stretch using yoga postures and other techniques that yoga offers to help manage and prevent injury, release muscular tension (release fascia) and build strength, flexibility and stretch major muscle groups. The workshop will be practical and explorative.

You learn how to use yoga postures that will help you manage lower back pain, sciatica, tight hamstrings, piriformis syndrome, keep the psoas muscles supple and generally release fascia.

Running doesn’t work the inner and outer quads evenly, so a common issue is that outer quads become tight and overused while inner quads can remain weak, these imbalances can lead to knee problems, weak gluteal muscles can lead to hip (sacroilliac) instability and injuries; yoga will help strengthen the gluteus medius. Running can compress the spine and tight hamstrings can aggravate lower back pain. Yoga can help in decompressing the spine and encourage the musculature of the hamstrings to release and lengthen. The workshop consists of physical practice, a little bit of A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) and fun. Places limited to 12 therefore booking in advance is essential. Please bring a non slip mat, a blanket, and a tennis ball. No previous experience of yoga is necessary. 


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