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Yoga Retreat Center in Goa

SWAN Yoga Retreat Centre in Goa is open from October till May for visitors and retreat participants. Daily Yoga classes are held in morning which is open to all. The style of Yoga which is taught here is from the tradition of “Bihar School of Yoga” or “Satyananda Yoga” besides Classical yoga as prescribed by Sage Patanjali. Evenings we perform Puja (traditional prayers in our temple) and sing Kirtans (traditional devotional chants) which are open to all and everyone is welcome to join. Besides this, we also organize our own retreats.

A typical SWAN Yoga retreat is of two weeks and would include:
Practice of Asana, Prayanama, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas.
Introduction to Meditation techniques of Yoga Nidra and Antar Mauna.
Lecture on Philosophy of Yoga, and introduction to Patanjali”s Yoga Surtas.
Chanting of Mantras and Kirtans.
Havan (sacred fire ceremony).

Yoga in Goa
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