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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course

Yoga for lower back pain sufferers: safe, enjoyable and suitable for beginners


And congratulations… you’ve taken the first step towards dramatically improving your life by finding out about this course which will help you to find a way out of dealing with chronic back pain.

The largest scientific study of yoga to date found that a course of specially designed yoga classes can improve back health (in most people). This course was found to be more effective than physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, Pilates and CBT. The research was conducted by the University of York, sponsored by Arthritis UK and published in a leading medical journal in 2011. Since then many people have taken the course and experienced it’s life changing possibilities.

Student testimonials

“I have not had back pain since completing the course”

“This course has totally changed my life, I am much more confident and feel more in control of my back pain.”

“Not taken any painkillers since doing this course!”

“The best thing about the course was learning how to be much more mindful of how to work and how to use my body more efficiently to help the lower back.”

“This course helped me to understand how to deal with a painful back and to know what to do with confidence.”

“Julia gave me confidence and reassurance when practicing yoga. Julia is engaging, caring and very competent.”

“I experience relief of pain / ache immediately after each lesson.”


This is what a physiotherapist, specialising in back pain, said about the course. 

Overall I would highly recommend the course. If I had significant back problems then, without question, this is what I would do. I have been involved solely with low back pain for 12 years with a specialist pain clinic and have masters level qualifications in the subject.”

Have a look at this  video about the course

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Course Yoga for Back Pain

The course is ideal for everyone who is experiencing chronic low back pain. However, it is not suitable in the initial active inflammatory stage or if the pain is very severe and ongoing. Please ask your doctor or ring me about this if you are unsure.
The course is specially designed for people who are in pain, so the classes are gentle and pleasantly relaxing. You are not required to push through pain or to do any exercise that causes discomfort. Students find that their back feels significantly better after the class.
The latest scientific research is showing that stress and pain are related. Yoga offers many proven techniques for stress management and relaxation. You’ll also learn how to be more mindful and aware of your posture and movement in everyday life. In my experience of teaching this course, the vast majority of students find it beneficial and many experience a significant reduction, or complete resolution of their back pain. Those who still have back pain after completing the course, find that they are more confident in moving and using their backs. They feel that they are more in control of their back pain; rather than the back pain dictating what they can and can’t do in their lives.


How do I Sign Up? Yoga for Back Pain London

PLEASE CONTACT ME NOW if you would like to do a course. Places are limited to ten people. I’ll send you the payment details and a registration form.

Please note this course is for pain in the lower back. If you have an upper or mid back problem only, you will benefit from private classes. If you have lower back pain and occasional upper and/or mid back pain, you will benefit from doing the course.

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