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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

NEXT COURSE starts 23 Feb 2019 Birtley Leisure Centre, Durham Road, DH3 2TP
Saturdays 10:00-11:00am
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is a safe and effective remedy for back
ache and poor mobility. University of York and Arthritis Research UK
funded a clinical study of 700 patients. Half of the study group did 12
weeks of specialist yoga and relaxation. The remaining half received the
usual GP care for 12 weeks. The yoga group all showed statistically
significant reduction in back pain, increased mobility and improved back
function. What’s more, most of the yoga group continued to be free of
back pain for up to 12 months after the yoga course.
Price includes:
FREE Relaxations CD
Quality course handouts and materials
Small class sizes
Expert instruction
Use of all equipment
Individual support and follow up
“Yoga gave me a way of controlling my back problems and I know what to
do if my back starts to get bad. If it does, I do extra exercises and my
back gets better quite quickly – before it was weeks before it got
better. I’d say my back is as good as it’s been for 20 years.” Hazel,
58, North Yorks.
£168.00 DISCOUNTED to £158.00 for payment in full at the start of the course,