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Yoga for Health Class

The whole emphasis on this class is doing what you are comfortable with…but it is all about learning new skills to help you with whatever challenge you are going through.  Working with the breath is so important, so vital, and we always find fun ways of doing this…and often I get text messages about when it has been used during normal daily activities.  There is absolutely no competition in class and we all work to our own ability and support one another.  Those that like being on the floor can be, but most evenings we work from a chair.  It is so wonderful to see someone progress from the chair to the floor after many months of coming to class…and they do so because they have the confidence that they can do it.

A typical class starts by centreing down to ourselves and observing the breath.  We will then do the ‘physical’ work adapting the postures (asanas) as we need to.  There will always be a practice of pranayama (breath work), sometimes a short meditation, before we do our our relaxation practice which is often a yoga nidra…a very deep relaxation.

Please don’t be shy about coming and giving the class a try.  Yoga is so much more than about how flexible or inflexible you are.  There are so many tools in yoga that help with stress and anxiety.  We can use our yoga to help us to come to terms with things, to understand how we feel and how to just be ourselves.  There is no right or wrong in our practice, we are just allowed to be who we are without any judgement being made.  We are allowed to be in the moment with absolutely no expectations.


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