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Yoga classes for complete beginners are available, as well as those who have already practised yoga previously. Depending on your experience, either the beginners or intermediate classes are taught in the Hatha yoga style, concentrating primarily on a variety of physical asana, as well as introducing (and developing, for intermediate students) awareness of pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and relaxation practices. Each week provides a new focus for the students to explore these combined practices, encouraging the student to deepen their interest in yoga. This enables the student to develop their own practice safely away from the class. As each student is an individual, all practice is encouraged to explore and expand on their own abilities at their own pace, and nothing is compulsory.

Since my first yoga class in 1997, I found that yoga has become a wonderful and fulfilling part of my life. I began teaching in 2003, after being encouraged to study further by my own teachers. I gained a diploma to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga. Since then, my focus has been on teaching yoga for pregnancy and childbirth, gaining a BWY pregnancy module in 2006. I followed this with a birthlight diploma to teach baby yoga in 2007. I have also supported my BWY ante-natal training with a Childbirth Preparation certificate from birthlight.

Throughout the years, my own practice has been influenced by several experienced teachers in diverse schools of yoga, such as hatha, Iyengar & Ashtanga, lending me a wide perspective of yoga and its benefits. My most recent explorations have been in Scaravelli-influenced yoga, working both with teachers who practiced with Vanda Scaravelli herself, and their students who teach others. I have also been interested in therapeutical yoga, working with programmes such as ” Yoga for Healthy Backs “.


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