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Shunyashunya Yoga - Online Yoga School

Shunyashunya Yoga is a small company based in Estonia and founded in early 2013.

Our goal is to provide yogis with a fun, inexpensive and individualized experience, enabling them to discover and master yoga practices more efficiently.

Kelly Hrupa is the Founder & Leading Teacher at Shunyashunya:

“The beautiful system that is yoga has been at my side during the most important years of my life. I took my first yoga lesson at the age of 12 without knowing what I was doing at the time, yet somehow I knew it was something special and even sacred.

I currently teach mostly on an individual basis, as it is important to me that my students get focused attention during the sessions. Bodies are different, emotional landscapes are different and views on life are different among people, so I´m a strong believer in yoga as an individual and intimate relationship the practitioner develops with himself, while the teacher facilitates it to the best of his ability.

When asked what yoga means to me, two words come to mind – freedom and self-sufficiency. Yoga gives me strength to support myself on my own and that in turn enables me to become truly free and in control of my life.”


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Address Aruküla tee 87, Jüri, Estonia