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Shanti Yoga Ashram

We provide a peaceful ashram setting where residents and guests can fully receive
and practice yoga in its true form, while living a yogic lifestyle.  Individually and collectively we do our best
to give practical tools needed to advance on the yogic path. We offer a variety
of yoga courses and retreats that give our students the possibility to gain
knowledge and experience of yoga in all its depth.
The aim of Shanti Yoga Ashram’s teaching
system is to combine physical movement (asana), breath (pranayama), and
awareness (meditation) to generate physical, vital, and mental health.

Develop a good foundation to build a satisfying yoga practice. You will start with the
basics, learning how to breathe properly to oxygenate the body and energize the
mind while synchronizing movement and breathing for a meditative experience.
You will also discuss yogic philosophy, the basics that every yogi should know
that can be directly applied to your life and your practice. It is vital to
integrate the two so that your spiritual development can fully blossom.

Shanti Yoga Ashram was born out of a cluster of bungalows on personal land in the
village of Machchhegaun. In this small, informal environment reminiscent of the
ancient yogic guru-disciple tradition, Yogi Prakash imparted the wisdom of
Tantra Yoga to whoever crossed his path. In 2001, he officially registered the
ashram with the government. During these early years, in spite of the small
scale of the ashram, Yogi Prakash managed to guide 3,000 people, Nepalese and
foreigners alike, over the course of ten years. He spent two years spreading
his teachings in Thailand, China and Austria. He wrote his book, Tantra Yoga,
while living in China as a resident teacher. Despite these successes something
was still missing. He felt that teaching yoga was incomplete – he had to bring
the practice into the broader scope of social well-being, to take all that he
learned and generated from his personal sadhana and offer it to the welfare of
society. So he turned his attention towards bringing Tantra Yoga into the
educational arena. The first manifestation of this goal took shape in the form
of a yoga school for children. In 2001, his family housed and educated children
in need, despite their lack of resources. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding
this project was short-lived but would leave the seed for a second attempt.

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Country Nepal
State/Province Central Development Region
distance: 5,926 Miles
Address Shanti Yoga Ashram
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