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Relaxation Yoga and Meditation

What is Meditation?
Meditation is the ultimate tool to train your brain! Meditation is the most precious gift we have been given as humans to help us discover the power of our own minds in making us happy!

It’s a practical yet powerful tool you use to let go off the chaos around you, calm your mind, and tap into your internal reservoir of stillness – thus making it the perfect antidote to the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Within just a few minutes of meditation, you can enter a deeply peaceful space inside yourself that is impenetrable by the world around you, unreachable by the voices of others, and unbreakable by fear, negativity and sorrow.

“Sheena’s Relaxation Yoga and Meditation class is a great way to focus your mind on yourself and get away from the normal manic, even after a bad day at work! She uses very simple techniques that you are able to practise by yourself and is always happy to help and support out of class. I love the space that my mind is in after class; peaceful, relaxed and free of any negative thoughts!” – Rupal

You can meditate on the train on the way to work to start your day with a clear mind, in your lunch break to boost your energy, or just before bed to make sure you get a good night’s sleep…the few moments you spend in meditation will make a world of difference to your life!

World-famous research including scientific studies conducted at Oxford University and Harvard Medical School have shown that when you meditate and do relaxing yoga poses, your brain releases natural anti-depressant chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine, and Melatonin which boost your energy levels, deepen sleep, relieve pain and leave you on a ‘natural high’! So it comes as no surprise that doctors are now offering meditation and yoga as a treatment for depression, anxiety and insomnia!

“Sheena and her classes have started to have a big impact on my life, whilst struggling with depression and anxiety. She helps you learn to focus and relax your mind. By believing in you, and helping you believe in yourself as you accomplish little steps, she makes a huge difference when it is most needed” – Anonymous


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