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Pregnancy Yoga Wednesdays 13.30 Clapham

Wednesdays 13.30 – 14.45 (Please get in touch to check dates for next course of classes)

Wellbeing Centre 64-100 Wix Lane, Clapham, SW4 0AQ

(At 64-100 face the orange building with your back towards the school and walk a few metres to your left you will see black gates with a large tree above them and a sign saying Wellbeing Centre on the gate, use the buzzer here)

Prenatal/Pregnancy Yoga classes can be for mum’s to be wishing to keep up their Yoga practice or for a complete beginner. These classes offer adaptations to traditional postures (asanas) suitable for pregnancy due to making space for the baby and considering the new physical changes in a prenatal body. They also include breathing techniques which may aid labor along with visualisations and meditations to create a nurturing environment and deep connection to the unborn baby, additionally relaxing the mother whilst helping to prevent aches, pains and sleep loss.

Block of 12 lessons £96

Block of 10 lessons £90

Block of 6 lessons £63

Lessons to be taken consecutively from student’s first lesson.

If your 38th week of pregnancy falls within the course please pay until then and £10 for every class after that.

Please bring a pillow and blanket.

A Health Form must be completed before first lesson.







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