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pre and post natal yoga classes




Giving your baby the best possible start

Suitable for all levels of ability

All poses will be modified accordingly to suit each mother as her body changes


For Mums at 14 weeks pregnancy onwards – what to expect Weeks 1 – 6

~  Learn gentle poses to help gain flexibility, to reduce stiffness and tension in joints and so leading to an easier pregnancy and birth

~  Learn meditation and relaxation techniques to help cope with pregnancy and labour

~  Learn poses to  help improve digestion and helping to eliminate toxins and reduce stress, varicose veins and haemorrhoids

~  Gain support and feel relaxed in a non -judgemental environment, sharing your pregnancy experience with like-minded women

~  Learn how to minimise pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, back pain, fluid retention and headaches

~  Learn how the body changes throughout pregnancy

~  Help maintain a healthy weight and diet during pregnancy

~  Learn to connect with your baby

~  Learn poses to help strengthen the pelvic floor and to help the body during labour, recover after the birth and help support the internal organs

~  Learn useful postures to help your baby get into the correct position for birth and learn postures and positions during labour to help bring your baby into the world with ease

~  Learn about labour and pain mangement techniques

~  Learn how to help with post natal depression after the birth

~  Learn how to exercise safely after giving birth

Class numbers will be limited so early booking is essential.



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