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Prana Flow yoga retreat in Mexico

The Institute offers yoga retreats by the sea in the Yucatan, Mexico. Led by Véronique Dumont, senior Prana Flow teacher and director of the yoga teacher training in Quebec. Each retreat features inspiring yoga sadhanas (practice) based on nature’s elements, which will allow you to live an experience through your body and with the energies of the earth (ground and stability), water (healing and letting go), fire (manifestation and energy), air (openness) and ether (connexion with life). Prana Flow is an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health created by Shiva Rea. Each sadhana (yoga practice) are breath inspired journeys that offer a complete spectrum (hatha) of rhythms from meditative and rejuvenating to the challenging and empowering. The wave of a class is created through cycles of effective and creative sequences (vinyasas) linked together through the breathwave. Every class is well rounded: following the mandala of the body and asanas to create whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. Drawing on a base of over 27 Namaskars, classes offer a means to explore the fullness of one’s self from solar to lunar while being centered in the flow of breath.


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