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Postnatal Yoga with Baby - Tue 11.30 - 12.30

This is a nurturing practice, specially designed to boost energy, relieve anxiety and to heal and tone the body.

Postnatal yoga works like all yoga; to enhance your vitality and sense of calm and to develop strength and stamina. It is adapted to the specific needs of the postpartum woman and is a powerful aid in the overall recovery of your body whatever your birth experience.

The breathing, movement and relaxation techniques address the physical and emotional changes that take place in the body. They include specific practices to support the back, tone the abdominal region and pelvic floor, stabilise the pelvis, and release tension in the shoulders. It is very enjoyable, aimed at returning strength and stamina to the body, using postures and movement, breath and relaxation.

All postnatal yoga can be done from any time postpartum. It is never too late to exercise and to learn useful postnatal recovery yoga techniques, whether it be weeks, months or years!

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