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Three Month Immersion Seva Program

Looking to immerse yourself in a Yogic lifestyle?  Join us for our three month immersion Seva program in the Bahamas!

As part of this immersion program you will participate in two daily Satsangs (meditation, chanting and lecture), a daily Asana practice, and selfless service.  If your karma yoga assignment does not conflict you also have the opportunity to participate in daily workshops with our special guest presenters on the various topics of yoga!  We also offer many essential courses to our students on full scholarship (positive thinking course, meditation course, essentials of yoga course)!

Visit our website sivananadabahamas.org for some more information about us!

Should you like more information about our seva program, please send us an email to karmayogabahamas@sivananda.org !

Om Shanti, Om Peace
Radha – Karma Yoga Coordinator

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Country The Bahamas
distance: 5,425 Miles
Address Paradise Island, Bahamas
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