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Mellow Chair Yoga and Meditation - Thur 11.00 - 12.00

This gentle class is specifically aimed at those who prefer a more gentle practice and would like to practice yoga without going on the floor.

Mellow ‘Chair’ Yoga Classes

•  For all wishing to attend a gentle yoga class without going to the floor

•  Ideal if you are not suited to travelling up or down from the floor

•  A chair-based yoga class with standing, bending and gentle movement

•  Excellent if you are recovering from illness or injury

•  Also ideally suited to the specific needs of mature students

•  Excellent during pregnancy and postnatal recovery

•  Less active participants can do all the exercises sitting in a chair

•  Numbers are limited to ensure you get the most from the sessions

•  Classes are tailored around the specific needs of the students attending

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Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
distance: 3,564 Miles
Address Alyth Studio, Alyth Synagogue, Alyth Gardens, London NW11, UK
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