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Mandy Penalver

Yoga Nidra is an ancient Tantric practice for easing stress, healing trauma and awakening to timeless presence. Yoga Nidra literally means ‘Yogic Sleep’ and is given in the form of a guided meditation. No prior experience of Yoga or meditation is necessary, as no effort is required other than to lie down and listen. This alone is a great relief in the competitive and stressful times we live in! In Yoga Nidra we are guided to put aside all our habitual roles and identifications as we gently explore the realms of the body, mind, and world with no agenda to change, fix or alter anything about ourselves. Rather, we welcome the flow of experience as it unfolds moment by moment, whilst resting in and as the aware presence underlying and permeating this flow. In this openness, layers of accumulated physical, mental and emotional tension are released. The practice takes place in a safe and nurturing environment that facilitates this deep listening. Ultimately, Yoga Nidra brings us to a direct experience of ourselves as peace itself.


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