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We teach three complementary styles of Yoga:

The Rocket is a strong practice which gets you to that place of strength, flexibility and stamina quicker than most other styles, all in a fun, creative way! It’s a playful interpretation of Ashtanga Yoga, making more challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions accessible to all levels. Students might find themselves unexpectedly in a pose they never thought they could do as the moving breathing meditation that is The Rocket takes them through sequences with ease and comfort.

Yin Yoga, consisting of long, deeply held poses, works with the deep connective tissues of the body which are often forgotten in our Yang lifestyles. It works with the Chinese Meridian System to affect our physical, emotional and mental health through different poses. Yin Yoga encourages embodied self-awareness, acceptance, mindfulness and loving-kindness and is a wonderful counterbalance to Yang forms of Yoga and other exercise.

Kids & Family Yoga makes the healing benefits of yoga accessible to all ages and abilities, weaving together yoga poses, games, partner and community poses and storytelling. Fun, laughter and silliness is very much encouraged as we learn about our bodies and the world around us in an embodied way.


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