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Jacobs Ridge

In 2011 we were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to foster a beautiful young horse named Jacob. He had a very difficult start in life and had been tied to a tree for all his life, he was under-nourished and neglected. The amazing people at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre rescued him and due to his nature and his boistrous ways, they were seeking a foster home for him and asked if we would like to have him live with us.

He quickly settled in and became a part of our family. Circumstances changed for us and we moved a little further south in Spain and obviously Jacob came with us. He was joined by Nero, a beautiful black donkey with a very strong character. They became the best of friends.

As the months rolled by we met with our new neighbors. One of those neighbors was an ageing horse breeder. He was finding the care of his horses very difficult and made the decision the sell all his horses. They were in a poor state. He had arranged to sell them to the meat market. When we found out about it we couldn´t stand by and see these beautiful animals destroyed. So we rallied around, made financial sacrifices and agreed to take all of his horses.

The learning curve was huge as was the food bill! To be honest we struggled financially but kept them fed and housed. 4 of the rescue horses were in early stages of pregnancy and unfortunately one of the mares miscarried very early. The remaining mares have since given birth so we now find ourselves with 14 horses and 2 donkeys!

During a particularly difficult financial period we were faced with the very real prospect of having to move the horses on, they were literally eating us out of house and home and the pressure was immense. So we had to get our thinking caps on.

We had made a commitment to all the horses and to simply give up was just not an option. So we devised a plan. Jacobs Ridge is that plan in action.

Jacobs Ridge is a centre for Horse Whispering, Horse Therapy, Yoga Retreats, Meditation, Musical Therapy, Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw Classes, Art Therapy and so much more. Every class and course directly supports the animals at the sanctuary.