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Introduction to Meditation

There are many different meditation techniques used for centuries to achieve a sense of calm and peace within. Some types will suit you better than others and in this workshop we will explore a variety of different simple techniques to allow you to experience the practises.
We will also look at the ways we can sit to meditate to allow you to be comfortable and let your mind become calm and centred.
There will be opportunity to evaluate and discuss the different techniques and how we might establish a regular practise, to provide the proven health benefits that it brings. This can be especially helpful during very busy times like Christmas.
I have practised a variety of meditations for over 30 years, including Buddhist tradition, and taught it for over 20 years as part of my hatha yoga classes and during workshops.
During the session we will:
Practise a few simple yoga exercises to allow you to be able to sit comfortably.
Look at a variety of seated postures and ways to modify them to be able sit without discomfort.
Practise a variety of different meditations including breath awareness and counting, nyassam (placing of mantra in the body), so ham etc.
Look at ways we can establish a regular home practise and the benefits of it.


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