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Integrated Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Areas Covered:

Functional Anatomy and Applied Yin Yoga –
Structure and function of the skeletal and muscular system
Spinal range of motion and articulation of the pelvis
Demystifying tension vs compression
Skeletal variation and proportion
Fascial trains

Energetics of Yin Yoga –
Meridian and 5 element theory
Meridian line mapping
Shen and Ko cycle
Yin Yoga and the mind
Mindful touch and assisted Yin

Teaching Yin Yoga –
Yin poses, variations and use of props
Modifications for varying limitations, contraindications and injuries
How to theme and sequence a Yin Yoga class
Practice and enrichment of teaching skills

The Teachers
Jade Wood has been teaching Yin Yoga for osteopathic and yoga centres in Arabia, Asia and extensively throughout Europe. She brings influences from her training in Shiatsu massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine and guides body-honouring sessions rich with elemental and energetic wisdom. Her passion is how the exploration of the body affects the mind.

Emily Baxter is a muti-skilled practitioner in yoga, circus and anatomical arts. She has taught anatomy on many yoga trainings globally and has a passion for revealing the potential held in the structure of the body. She teaches with a focus on embodiment and always with a lighthearted approach.

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