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The Heart of Sound Module 1 - 200 Hour Mantra & Nāḍa Yoga Teacher Training

Welcome to Mystical India for Module 1 of the Heart of Sound!

Module 1 is a deep immersion into the transformational power of sound. The focus is on direct experience of mantra, nāda, kīrtan & bhakti yoga, and attainment of sound-based yoga skills which will prepare you to do your personal practice with awareness and refinement.


Module 1:  Rishikesh – March 17-29, 2019

Then, you’ll be able to share and teach from your authentic experience before the service-focused Module 2!

Please see
http://truefreedomcoaching.com/module-1-curriculum-outline/ for a detailed curriculum outline!


After Module 1, trainees will be able to:

Read and accurately pronounce any Sanskrit word from its transliterated form, using the accurate mouth position.

Understand the elemental vibrations of the Sanskrit alphabet for further exploration and healing applications.

Set a drone for chanting on a harmonium and/or iTablaPro app, chant and play 3-pitch Sanskrit mantras in the “Vedic” style as a call and response chant leadership technique.

Understand the stages of mantra sadhana in order to observe their own progress in the interim between modules.

Explore their own authentic teaching and singing voice.

Sing basic Hindustani vocal exercises.

Sing alāp in the microtones of Rāga Bhairav, and sing a simple composition in Rāga Bhūpālī.

Sing or play several devotional songs (of their choice) for practice in the interim between modules.

NOTE: Neither singing ability or musical experience are required in order to attend this training. Importance is placed on your direct experience of the power of sound itself, not on musical or singing skill. All students will be invited to participate in the group chanting and to demonstrate their understanding of the material.

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Registration: http://truefreedomcoaching.om/rishikesh-training/

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Address Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
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