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The Heart of Sound INDIA: Mantra Nāda Kīrtan Bhakti Yoga Ryt200

Are sound, mantra and chanting calling your heart?

Join us for a one-of-a-kind teacher training program designed to take your practice to entirely new and prepare you for a life of service through sacred sound!

Here are just a few examples of what Heart of Sound graduates are doing around the world!

• Nāda Yoga for Syrian Refugee children in Lebanon
• Sound Healing retreats for breast cancer survivors in Southern California
• Mantra 101 Classes in yoga studios from Byron Bay to Bologna, Tokyo to Tenessee…
• Voice Toning workshops in spiritual hotspots from Prague to Koh Phangan, Honolulu to Haridwar…
• Sanskrit Pronunciation 101 Training Segments for āsana-focused 200-hour RYT courses ( Say Those Pesky Pose Names Like a Pro!)
• Coaching private clients in 40-day transformational mantra practices
• Leading supported group mantra meditations in person and online
• Teaching Workshops, such as “Evolving your Karma: Changing Addictive Patterns w/Mantra Meditation”
• Offering Kīrtans, Kīrtans, Kīrtans! And mantra chanting experiences galore! In spiritual centers, churches, yoga centers, public festivals, art exhibitions, and retreats around the world

No musical or mantra experience required… While basic musical literacy will be an asset to your learning, you need not be a master musician nor wish to become one!
The goal of the training is to provide you with tools to follow the pathway of sound to your inmost radiant Self and invite others to find their own direct connection. Anyone with a sincere desire to consistently access their true nature, and express it through their voice and life’s service, is WELCOME.

The subjects for each Module are outlined in detail on our website:

Module 1 — Immersion in the Heart of Sound
Module 2 — Sharing the Heart of Sound with Others

The Heart of Sound RYT attracts a profoundly inspiring community of sound yogīs and yoginīs from around the globe. Trainees from every continent (over 30 countries so far) have included Ayurvedic practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainers, TED Fellows, artists, musicians, kīrtan recording artists, parents, psychologists, midwives, poets, students, school teachers, and the most important qualification… those who just *know* in their heart of hearts that sound is calling them!


Be sure to sign up for earlybird discounts!
$100 off regular tuition, or $450 off the whole 200-hour course.
Hurry, early registration discounts for India programs end September 1st!