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Healing Flow Yoga - 5 Week Course

Gentle flowing yoga classes bringing together yoga therapy and fluidity of vinyasa flow.

Perfect for
* people looking to go back to their practice after a longer period of inactivity,
* recovering from injuries,
* getting back in shape after giving birth,
* easing a chronic health condition (arthritis, asthma, back problems)
* or generally for people who prefer a more gentle yoga practice.

Explore areas of tension in your body through movement in a safe and encouraging environment.
Reconnect with your body and its ability to heal itself.
Increase mobility and build core strength.

Five week course – starting on 29 April (9 places available)

Course fee: £35

Drop in possible at £9 per class, if there is space

Mail me@yogawithivana.com or call 07936348233 and find out more.


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Address 61 Leswin Road, London N16 7NX, UK