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Gentle Yoga suitable for beginners

Regular classes are held every Thursday at 10.00 – 11.30
The Methodist Church Hall, Union Street, Newport.

Cost of Classes:
The cost of classes is £36 for 6 classes paid in advance. Alternatively, if you prefer to just drop in and pay as you go, the cost is £8 per class.

I teach in a style similar to Satyananda yoga, a traditional approach to yoga following the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

Satyananda Yoga incorporates practices derived from ancient and traditional sources and uses practices in a traditional way; asanas (postures) to balance the body and mind through the physical body, pranayama (breathing practices) to work on the energy body (equated with Ki or Chi in other systems), and meditation and concentration to calm and focus the mind.

The Satyananda approach incorporates the whole person, not just the body. There is an emphasis on awareness and practitioners are encouraged to learn about all aspects of their personality through Yoga. Change is a process that takes place naturally as a consequence of regular practice with full awareness, rather than by forcing the mind and body to the limit and beyond.

Please contact me on 07779 42401807779 424018 for more information or to book your place.


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