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Gaea's Earth - Yoga Community Circles

≈ GAEA’s EARTH_Yoga Community Circles
Take the most courageous journey.
There are incredible stories and great adventures happening on mama’s Earth…
The circle, as a sacred symbol, has been celebrated and honoured as a reminder of the cycles and movements of life since the beginning of time. Men and women gather in circles as a way to heal and strengthen their community: their shared intention is the powerful tool used to support their practice.
The first four rounds of Gaea’s Community Circles are meant as an introduction to the healing power of the elements through the practice and principles of yoga, Reiki, and breathwork. Each class will end sipping herbal teas blended to sooth and stimulate the element and chakra that were the focus of the class.
The first circle is dedicated to the Air Element:
We are our breath. The breath influences our posture, blood circulation, metabolism, the quality of our muscular structure, our thought patterning, our nervous system, the way we deal (or not deal) with emotions, ultimately our overall health.
Air and oxygen are our main energy source: deep breath reaches every part of our body and brings in greater vitality. Each (deep) breath does count.

Anahata, the Air Chakra, the Heart Chakra, sits at the center of our chest, comfortable between our two lungs. It governs major physical functions and, on a more subtle level, the sense of protection, warmth, and transformation that manifest in the body.
The quality of the breath can determine whether we keep lingering in stagnation or we learn to break through, relax, and move with the flow of life. The breath helps us clean the body, the mind and the spirit and, by removing toxins, it sweeps away obstacles along the way.
This first circle revolves around the practice of Pranayama: through a series of breathwork techniques, we will delve deep into the body and make space in busy minds and busy bodies and between our busy thoughts to ultimately relax into a clearer, more present, and natural state. Pranayama will be accompanied by a grounding yoga asana practice.
The second circle will be dedicated to the Earth Element:
Earth represents stability and consistency; it is the safety of the ground under our feet; it is nourishment and sustainment; it is fertility and fullness. It can be a supportive energy that holds us and let us move forward, or a sticky platform that holds us back. The Earth Element is the bones, the tissues and the ligaments in our body; it is our structure.
Fear and resistance are the main emotional symptoms of imbalance of this element. The body clenches and tenses to hold onto the precarious condition that we are used to be living in, dreading to fall off of it as that is all we know and are familiar with. Unbalanced Earth Element manifests in disrupted fluidity in the body and symptoms such as PMS, sleeping and digestive dosorders can arise. It can take many forms but it all starts from resistance to the inner energy flow.
Through an alignment-based Vinyasa yoga practice, we will work our way into the mind through the body to unlearn to tense, while learning to release, deal with nervousness, disconnectedness and insecurity, ultimately surrendering to the ground.
The third circle will be dedicated to the Water Element:
Creative, instinctive, adaptable, unconscious energy that makes up our body: it is our blood, lymph, mucous, digestive fluids, perspiration, skin, tissues, and organs.
Water Element resides in the kidneys, the bladder, and the reproductive organs where life force and vital essence are stored and water regulated. Restoring the elasticity in the joints, gracefully lengthening the muscles and sweating out all that we are unnecessarily retaining in the body will be key to greater balance on a mental and emotional level. Healthy Water Element has the quality of fluidity.
The final Gaea’s Community Circles of this series will be dedicated to the Fire Element: Fire represents change and transformation; it recalls rituals and rites of passage.
Manipura, the Fire Chakra, spreads its bright light from the center of the solar plexus where one of the major transformation processes in our body takes places, that of digestion. The solar plexus is our second brain, the seat of our emotions. It connects the element of Water with that of Earth. Fire, along with the other elements, concurs to weave the tapestry of life.

Strong negative emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy and bitterness can be produced and stored at the center of our body. Chinese have the same respect for the liver as we have for the heart.
The power of the warrior resides in the solar plexus; with a vigorous, but attentive practice, we will activate the fire and work with Manipura energy to release unnecessary resistance and finally shift towards transformation.
≈ GAEA’s EARTH_Yoga Community Circles are led by Elisa Badii. Elisa is a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher with Annie Carpenter. Elisa has been practicing yoga since she was a teenager setting on a journey of self-transformation. Her teaching is based on a vision of the practice as an integrative therapy that combines the gentle healing of yoga, Reiki, essential oils, flower essence, reflexology and breathwork.
Strongly believing in Annie Carpenter’s motto “it depends”, Elisa’s approach reflects her commitment to a holistic practice that honours the individuality and uniqueness of each body. Elisa aims at holding space for her students to experience yoga as a place of acceptance and belonging where to re-discover and re-connect to the joy of movement.
Her teaching focuses on the importance of correct alignment to support a practice that strengthens the body while mindfully exploring and questioning the dynamics of the movement towards a pose.
Elisa Badii is a contemporary art and photography writer, Usui Holy Fire Reiki II practitioner, and a Naturopath & Natural Physician in training at the School of Natural Medicine in London.
≈ GAEA’s EARTH _Yoga Community Circles
Air Element Circle: Tuesday, April 5th, 7.45-8.45pm Earth Element Circle: Tuesday, April 12th, 7.45-8.45pm Water Element Circle: Tuesday, April 19th, 7.45-8.45pm Fire Element Circle: Tuesday, April 26th, 7.45-8.45pm
Classes are for all levels. Please specify if you are currently dealing with any medical conditions or injuries at time of booking.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts
Portobello Court Club Portobello Road London W11 2DY
Single class: £10
Carnet of 4 classes: 15% discount
Only a limited number of mats are provided, please reserve a mat at the time of booking. If you already have a mat, please feel free to bring your own.
Information & Booking gaea.earth.circles@gmail.com 07593713330