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Inside Out Elemental Food, Sound & Yoga Retreat

Andalusia Retreat, SpainThis five-day elemental food, sound and yoga therapy retreat will gently nourish your body, stimulate your senses and lift your spirits as we connect with the surroundings and engage with natures elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. With simplicity and movement, we invite you to this long weekend workshop to tune in from the inside out. Experience deep relaxation Recognise the elements present within and listen to our bodies rhythms A holistic approach to food as medicine learning basic macrobiotic principles Explore the relationship between each of the 5 elements and harmonise them within Transform tightness into flowing energy Take home principles and practices that can be easily integrated into your daily lives for ongoing rejuvenation SEASONAL ATTUNEMENT Our practice will be inspired by the shift of season and how we can enable a smooth transition; grounding our energies, letting go and embracing the new. Wash in the rivers and sit out in the sun between stretches of mind, body and soul. Admire the tranquil hillside landscape and breathe in the fresh airs of Andalucía, Spain.

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Address gaucin, andalusia, spain