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Creating lasting Change through Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Modern Life Techniques
People get stuck for many reasons. Forming habits that do not serve them. Creating relationships that bring them down. Accepting responsibilities that they no longer want to carry.
The weight of life may seem crushing. The mind goes around in circles like a rat within a cage, trying to find a way out. There comes the point in life, when you feel you have nothing left to lose. You are naked in front of your own choices.
This is a good moment.
It is the moment a revolution can take place.
It is the moment you can decide to really change.
But how? But from where do you get the energy? How do you actually transform?
Turns out, it has been done before, by others. There are techniques and practices that can make you far more likely to succeed.
Power to Change is a practice and learning program for helping you transform. It is based in a powerful form of yoga, but you do not need to be very flexible. You just need to be highly motivated to change.
The program will take 6 weeks. It is designed to kickstart your spiritual, physical and mental transformation, and it will, provided you are willing to do the work. It uses yoga and meditation techniques to propel you towards your highest potential. You will be asked to give it your all, but in return, you will be given a good chance to break free from the bonds that are holding you now.