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Counselling, Yoga, Meditation, Detox, Massage - All Year Round Retreats, Mallorca, Spain
Welcome to Sharanam Retreats

Escape without running away…

Personal and open contact with experienced professionals for your transition into a new phase.

Yoga, meditation, focusing and other consciousness techniques for relaxation and deepening your experience or healing.

Great food and nutritional inspiration for a feeling of being supported on all levels.

Sharanam Retreats offer yoga retreats with personalised coaching. We enable you to give yourself undivided attention in a beautiful setting. You will enjoy all the benefits of Nature with the sea, mountains, trees and flowers nearby, with a wonderful Mediterranean climate. Our guests book yoga therapy retreats individually or with a partner or friend, together forming small groups. We host a maximum of 5 people at a time.

Aleid Warmelink is a qualified psychologist and yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience of therapeutic work. Doby van den Berg is a massage and Reiki therapist as well as chef. We facilitate the retreats working as a couple, sometimes adding other therapists to the household.

Our vision is to provide a place of welcome to anyone at any time in their life, to add more tools for relaxation, health and coping with life in general.

We believe there is a lot of good group-work on offer, but we ourselves choose to work with very small groups of 3-5 because we notice a strong need for personalized program where one has space for oneself, physical space but also social freedom and flexibility in the program.

In this way we are open for people who need simple relaxation along with yoga and good food, but also for people who wish to work through emotional processes.

Our name SHARANAM means ‘welcome’ and ‘to take refuge in spirituality’. In the Indian culture the word connects to the deity Ganesha, remover of all obstacles. We feel this name fits us. In a down to earth way we wish to share openness, acceptance, conscious living and a belief in personal growth with everybody we welcome.

We like variation and fresh enthusiasm, in food, in physical movement, in work hours in work techniques.
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Country Spain
State/Province Illes Balears
distance: 2,725 Miles
Address Cala Figuera, Spain
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