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Cleanse & Yoga Retreat

Our Yoga & Detox programme is based solely on a natural process, whilst offering both healing and rejuvenating powers. The detox programme gives your body, mind and spirit a chance to re-balance. This may mean losing the weight that you have struggled with for years and thus kick-starting your healthy lifestyle. Based on a combination of fresh juices and healthy broths. Our all natural detox juices and broths are created fresh each day.

A combination of nutritionally balanced detox foods and gentle Yoga, help your body experience a deeper cleanse. Resulting in a glowing skin, brighter eyes and an energy boost, leaving you feeling fitter than you have been for years. Many people think detoxing is “lemon water and starvation”, this is sooo not true. It is possible to detox without hunger, without feeling tired… with our balance of nutrition and exercise.



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