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Challenging Yoga in Brighton

Whether you are looking for physical strength and flexibility, mental focus, calm and clarity or spiritual awakening, our classes offer the challenge, the inspiration and the support that is required to make the changes that you want to see in your body and in your life.

Even if you’ve tried yoga before and didn’t get on with it, we encourage you to try our yoga which marries the wisdom of this ancient practice with modern philosophies and the targeted requirements for our Western bodies. Not only to make us bendy, yoga is there to make us strong, toned, increase our vitality and repair from injuries. It balances us mentally and emotionally and we feel happier and holistically healthy as a result.

Don’t be scared off by the challenge offered, the beauty of the practice is that every pose can be modified to suit the individual so whether you are completely new to it or have been practicing for years, whether you haven’t touched your toes for the last 20 years or you are a limber ballerina, we are able to expertly guide you towards what you personally need to bring your body into equilibrium whilst you are supported in a small group environment.

The structure of a 60 minute session looks like this:

0-15 mins = Gentle integration of movement to all joint systems in the body
15-45 mins = A series of standing postures joined into an easy to follow flow. Every pose is offered in increments so you can choose to take it lighter or challenge yourself to the max. Additionally, each class is completely unique sequence, ensuring your body is always challenged in a new way.
45-60 mins = Seated postures to slow the heart rate and start to return the nervous system to neutral. Ending with a relaxing meditation.


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