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Bramley well-being

The style of yoga I teach is traditionally Hatha. My classes range from a more gentle approach to a strong dynamic flow, there are different classes to suit all levels and ability from complete beginner to mixed abilities and improvers.

I incorporate my own teaching style, empathizing on working with compassion and listening to your body & breathe to work within your own limits without force or strain.

The objective in asana (postures)  work is not how far you can stretch or contort your body, but to combine stability (stira) with ease/relaxation (sukha). (Staying mindful of your practise bringing body and mind together to bring about the feeling of wellbeing and harmony)

The Yoga sutras of Patanjali  (Sutra 2.46) Sthira Sukham –                                                                                   Practise with alertness without tension and relaxation without dullness.

I also offer well-being workshops and retreats  .

please see website for details: www.yogaindorset.com


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