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Avatar Yoga School

In our 200-hour, 28-day Yoga Teacher Training intensive, you will live and breathe the yogic lifestyle, so that it will be deeply incorporated into your life. You will leave with a detoxified habit pattern and fresh approach to each day, ready to inspire your students and have a meaningful impact on their lives.

Avatar Yoga’s Teacher Training program is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. At the end of the course we will provide you with a certificate of completion of 200 hours of training. With this certificate, you qualify to join Yoga Alliance USA as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level. Yoga Alliance is most widely recognized credentialing body in the Yoga field, and being listed in the Yoga Alliance registry as a Registered Yoga Teacher can help you to connect with studio and fitness center owners when it comes time to find a job teaching Yoga.


Learn the true goal and meaning of Yoga
Learn a time-tested series that you will be able to teach by the end of the course
Become calmer and focus the mind
Create strength, awareness and harmony in your mind and body
Improve energy and vitality
Learn how to protect yourself from injuries
Learn how to share a wonderful healing practice with others

Our upcoming start dates:
1st November 2015
1st December 2015
7th January 2016
8th February 2016
11th March 2016
12th April 2016