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Arm Balances Workshop

All arm balances require abdominal strength to support and stabilise the centre of the body; during the workshop you will be working on strengthening the back and abdomen, and opening the chest, with an emphasis on abdominal or ‘core’ strength. We do this with the aim of balancing the physical body, externally, and the mind, internally.

The Master Class, guided by Sattva Yoga director Mayra Cadengo, is a true experience of physical, mental and energetic exploration. Mayra guides you to live a deeper experience, allowing for introspection and a dialogue with your inner teacher. She will explore postures and sequences that take a more intense-level requirement and an absolute concentration in the ‘here and the now’, increasing your sense of security and inner trust while allowing you to enjoy it and have fun in the process.


This class is for advanced levels of practice and is recommended for yoga teachers and experienced students.




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