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Annual Spiritual Healing Pilgrimages

Brazil ‘s Casa de Dom Inácio is the healing center of world-renowned João Teixeira de Faria who is one of the most powerful spiritual mediums living today. João de Deus (John of God), as he is affectionately known, has devoted his life to mediumship. Through him, spirit guides minister to the multitudes who come in search of a cure.

As your guide, we assist you with arranging your passport and travel arrangements, Brazil visa if required, group taxi from the airport to your B & B, food, and provide helpful orientations plus take you through the line to meet John of God on your first day at the Casa. We help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, and are available to answer questions that arises during your healing process.

Considered by many to be the most prolific healer in the last 2,000 years, João Teixeira de Faria (affectionately nicknamed ‘John of God’) is a humble Brazilian rancher who heals three times a week to miraculously treat thousands of people who come from all over the world for healing. In his 50+ years of healing service he has treated an estimated 15 million people.

At his healing sanctuary in the remote countryside of central Brazil up to 2,000 Brazilian and international tourists a day seek cures for their maladies. Most seek physical cures; others come for a host of reasons ranging from blessings for their business, to discovering their life purpose, to finding their soul mate.

Modern Day Miracles

After their spiritual pilgrimages, thousands have reported being healed of incurable ailments including AIDS, cancer and infertility, while others report that although a physical cure was not achieved or requested, a profound spiritual, emotional, or financial shift took place.

Guide, Cheryl Ann Concannon, M.A. Clinical Psychology, certified Yoga and meditation Instructor – from the US
Guide, Toni Stone, medium, regression therapist, healer and counselor – from the UK

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