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Anahata Healing

Rachael has been practising yoga for over 10 years and qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2007 with the British School of Yoga. After years of flirting with yoga Rachael found a form of yoga that awoke the passion she first felt for yoga after attending a Vinyasa Flow workshop – 3 hours of flowing with Sahaja (spontaneous flow) and sweating like mad but feeling amazing in Brightons ‘Natural Bodies’ studio with teacher Delamay Devi she made a dedication to her practice of Yoga Flow. Having trained in Hatha, Rachael now incorporates flow into her classes giving students a relaxing class and chance to learn and hold asanas but also warming up with flowing sun salutations to warm and invigorate the body, aid detoxing and boost the circulation. Rachael trained in Holistic Therapies and has merged her current business (Holistic Healing) to now provide yoga classes to add to the relaxation and wellbeing for the body and mind, and Anahata Healing was born. Rachael chose Anahata as it is Sanskrit for the heart/heart chakra and allows Rachael to fully express her love/passion for yoga and the treatments she has trained in.



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