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8 days Golden Yoga Retreat in Bagan (Myanmar)

Bagan has a special energy, an ancestral atmosphere with more than 3000 Budhist Temples and Pagodas, and where meditation is a local daily practice.

Merging into this sacred ambiance the Golden Yoga Retreat will create a space for you to go on a inner journey, challenging yourself, strengthening your body and mind, while exploring the Magic Bagan and its traditions.

Practicing multiple styles of yoga, according to the moment of the day, and the day of the week we will deepen the connection to our deepest selfs. Taking the practice outdoors, into beautiful gardens, sandbanks in the middle of the river, ancient pagodas and monasterys, we will connect to the sacred energy of Bagan and its blessed nature.

In Myanmar all the festivities and major life events happen according to the Moon, this retreat also happens during the New moon, which simbolizes the end of a cycle and the beggining of other, the end of darkness and beggining of light. The yoga and meditation practice in the retreat will also reflect this “rebirth”.

The teachers hosting this retreat met in the magic land of Bagan (Myanmar), and immediately they felt in love with this golden land and with the Burmese smiley people, transforming what was supposed to be a month experience into a several months one, they say it was just difficult to leave the sacred energy of this place that both call home . 

Living among Burmese, expats, and tourists, they have a great understanding of the Burmese culture, know a lot about Bagan and all its corners and peculiaritys, and will provide you more then a space for practicing yoga, but a truly local-westernized insight of Bagan!

Staying at a 4* hotel with a infinity pool overlooking an ancient pagoda emerging from the greenery of the garden surrounding it.

Waking up at sunrise, and start the day with a meditative walk, through green paths surrounded by little temples and pagodas, with colourfull hot air balloons up in the blue ski.

Practicing Morning Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin-Yang) in a beautiful garden on the side of the silver river, with just the sounds of the birds and the magic sunrise light.

Nurturing the body with one of the best buffet breakfasts in town with options for all kind of nutritional options, from local to western cuisine.

Exploring Bagan, and its main temples, learning about its vegetarian cuisine, relaxing with a burmese traditional massage or practicing Yin Yoga.

Enjoying a vegetarian lunch in the best veg restaurant of Bagan, in its garden, under the shadow of its traditional and colourful umbrela,s overlooking ancient pagodas.

Taking a lift on a boat to one of the sandbanks (island), where we will practice yoga, with the sounds of the birds, the water flowing, overlooking pagodas all around and a mountain where the sun sets, colouring the sky with magical colours. Or practice meditation in one of Bagan’s sacred temples.

Degustating a dinner on a place of your own choice, or just resting.

Finishing the day with a relaxing session of meditation, yin yoga, restorative yoga or yoga nidra.

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Country Myanmar (Burma)
State/Province Mandalay Region
distance: 6,531 Miles
Address Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)
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