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200 hour Yoga TTC Rishikesh with Yoga

Unique features of 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you interested in becoming knowledgeable and proficient Yoga instructor? Our200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, Indiais internationally renowned for its authenticity in Yogic knowledge education. People from all over the world elect to visit our school in Rishikesh, that they can complete the 200-hr course.
The 200-hr course has been designed to provide Yoga Teacher Trainingin accordance with requirements stipulated for registration with Yoga Alliancein the USA. After successful completion of this course all the candidates are certified to become a Yoga Instructor. They also become eligible to register with Yoga AllianceUSA. Features of the 200-hr Yoga Teachers Training course.
1. Provide you with a strong Yogic foundation
The Rishikesh Yogis 200-hr Yoga Teacher Trainingcourse has been designed to provide deep knowledge about the techniques to teach yoga skillfully and proficiently. Both the features of traditional yoga and contemporary yoga have been combined to provide better understanding about relation of the body to the spiritual practices and, the emotional system. The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course concentrates on the fusion of Vinyasa Karma Yoga, Classical Yoga and Ashtanga. The training schedule includes the study of Yoga philosophy, basic anatomy, teaching practices, ethics, and responsibilities of Yoga teachers.
Good for beginners and advance students
This course has been designed for advance learners and as well as for individuals who are new to this field. The structure of the course has been designed to be uniquely specialized in comparison to their teacher training courses from around the world. For example, the beginning of the course a selection of Asanas is taught together with Pranayam and meditation.
Various types of Yoga
All the students who have enrolled for this course will be experienced enough to choose from various types of yoga according to their suitability. With the help of this course, students will also be able to learn about the 5 elements of Yoga. The 200-hr Teacher Training course will provide guidance towards approaching the Yoga path.


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